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COOL SNAKE Neck Tie Coolers for Kids

COOL SNAKE Neck Tie Coolers for Kids

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  • Soak in water for a few minutes - cools for hours
  • Personal Cooling Neck Tie
  • Perfect for work or play
  • Description

    COOL SNAKE - Neck Tie Coolers for Kids - 1 Each - NPN: 00000000 -- Boys - Green Kangaroos / Girls - Pink KangaroosCool Snake Neck Coolers are the ultimate in personal climate control products. This solution to keeping cool is great for beating the heat on a hot day. This fantastic Cool Snake Neck Wrap is filled with a special crystal which is designed to hold water & slowly release it, which helps you stay cool. Cool Snakes body coolers are great for all outdoor activities and work equally well inside the home too. Each body cooler contains crystals that absorb water and release it slowly throughout the day. Just place your Cool Snake neck wrap in a bowl of water for 10 minutes. Every few minutes move the crystals through the Cool Snake neck wrap so it will hydrate evenly. Wear your Cool Snake neck tie cooler around your forehead, or your neck. This ice tie sits comfortably on the neck, cooling the major arteries that carry the blood from the heart to the brain, reducing your body temperature.

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