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  • Homeopathic Preparation
  • Includes Rabbit Adrenal And Spleen, And Botanicals
  • Organotherapy
  • Support normal adrenal and endocrine functions
  • Support adrenal disorders, including stress, fatigue, insomnia and adrenal atrophy
  • Description

    Genestra - HAD - 30 Millilitre(s) - NPN: 80022898 -- HAD Adrenal Drops is a unique homeopathic organotherapy preparation synergistically formulated to restore and support normal adrenal and endocrine functions. The Genestra scientific team has developed HAD Adrenal Drops to support symptoms associated with adrenal disorders, including stress, fatigue, insomnia and adrenal atrophy; and for allergies, hypoglycemia, chronic infections, inflammation and mineralization disorders. HAD Adrenal Drops in a convenient liquid format brings organotherapy and homeopathic remedies to your body

    Medicinal Ingredients
    • Atropine sulfate6 X
    • Barberry3 X
    • Clubmoss12 X
    • Milk thistle2 X
    • Rabbit10 X
    • White bryony4 X
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients
    • Ethanol
    • Purified water
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